Your Responsive Source of Large Production Runs of Hose Assemblies 

Whether you are looking for hydraulic hose assemblies or pneumatic hose assemblies, no hose assembly order is too large or too small.

Our highly trained technicians utilize automatic water-cooled hose saws, and super-fast production crimpers in custom-built hose production cells to achieve unsurpassed speed and accuracy.

Because Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. only employs top industry experts, your assemblies will always be fabricated to your exact specifications. We have the expertise to help you engineer a solution that will work for your unique application. See more information on prototyping.



  • Single-hose assembly or production runs
  • Low, medium, and high-pressure hose assemblies
  • 1-wire hose assemblies
  • 2-wire hose assemblies
  • 4-wire hose assemblies
  • 6-wire hose assemblies
  • Fabric-reinforced hose assemblies
  • Rubber cover hose assemblies
  • Plastic and hybrid hose assemblies
  • Hydraulic hose assemblies
  • Pneumatic hose assemblies