Crimping instructions | Minikrimp, Karrykrimp, Parkrimp 1, Karrykrimp 2 & PHastkrimp

How to crimp a Parker hose assembly using Parker Minikrimp, Karrykrimp, Parkrimp 1, Karrykrimp 2 and PHastkrimp:

Your Parker crimper not listed above? Parker Superkrimp and PHastkrimp crimpers have slightly different crimping instructions. See How to crimp with Parker Superkrimp and Parkrimp 2.

How to crimp – Step 1:

Mark insertion depth and push onto fitting

Mark hose insertion depth

Mark the hose insertion depth and push hose into fitting until the mark on the hose is even with the end of the shell. Lubricate hose if necessary, however, DO NOT lubricate if using Parker spiral hose. See Hose Insertion Depth table below.

If crimping Parker 81 series shells with Parker 88 series fittings:

81 series shells with 88 series fittings

Place shell onto end of hose and make sure the end of the shell lines up with the insertion depth mark. Push hose onto the 88 Series fitting until the shell bottoms against the fitting’s stop ring or hex. Lubricate hose if necessary.


How to crimp – Step 2:

Insert Parker unitized die train

Insert Parker unitized die train

Pull pin at the top of pusher to swing it back. Place unitized die-train into base plate. See Parker Crimp Die Selection Chart for proper die set.  Note: Parkrimp 1 does not have a pin at the top of the pusher.

Important: Prepare the crimper’s die bowl using a premium quality lithium-based grease to ensure proper lubrication for crimping the hose assembly.


How to crimp – Step 3:

Position the fitting

Position fitting in die

Position the hose and fitting in dies from below. Rest bottom of fitting on die step using the PARKALIGN feature.


How to crimp – Step 4:

Place die ring and crimp

Place die ring

Place correct die ring on top of the dies. See Parker Crimp Die Selection Chart for proper die ring.

Crimp hose assembly

Position pusher by replacing the pin and operate pump until the die ring bottoms out. Release pressure within the pump – remove finished hose assembly.

Note: Minikrimp, Karrykrimp & Karrykrimp 2 have several types of power sources, some of which are separate units from the crimping machine.


How to crimp – Step 5:

Measure crimp diameter

Measure crimp diameter after crimping

Measure crimp diameter on the flat surfaces after crimping the shell, referenced in the illustration to the left. Reference Parker Crimp Die Selection Chart for crimp diameters. Never use a hose assembly with an incorrect crimp diameter.

Important: Hose assembly must be inspected for cleanliness and be free of all foreign particles.

Hose insertion depths:

Chart - hose insertion depths

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