Adsens Tech.

Adsens Tech. is a leading provider for fluid power industries. With their utmost attention and dedication to research and development, Adsens offers highly competitive solutions to customers, year after year, since their foundation.

Since Adsens’ launch in 1991 customer demand has grown. Nationwide, the company strive to bring consumers nothing but the best. Therefore, they invest considerable time and effort using state-of-the-art techniques to supply an array of merchandise. Their top products include hydraulic mufflers, pneumatic mufflers, filters, valves, plastic tube fittings, pressure switches, and more. They also produce just about any type of valve you could imagine. This includes the gate valve, butterfly valve, and ball valves. To add to the list the company also manufactures magnetic sensors, which come in many different styles and designs. Some are made for use on round cylinders, while others are made for small cylinders and even square cylinders. Magnetic sensors, fluid power accessories, precision pressure switches, circular connectors, and one-touch fittings are some of their primary product categories.

Magnetic sensors, detect and measure magnetic fields. They are useful for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Fluid power accessories, include the free flow vent, bronze muffler, breather vent, aluminum muffler, high-flow mufflers, incline mufflers, check valves, and other valves.

Precision switches, offer highly accurate switching for many standard applications. Whether you need current capacity, travel characteristics, operating force, or other parameters, they have switches that meet your needs.

Circular connectors, both male and female, are another one of their specialty products. Circular connectors are often a top choice among designers because they can connect and disconnect easily. This allows a wide range of currents and voltages. Many are also rugged and weatherproof.

One-touch fittings, which include a check valve, male straight, female straight, male and female banjo, nipple, reducer, and elbow, are another one of their specialty products.

Adsens Tech. Inc. Products 


Magnetic Sensors



Fluid Power Accessories



Precision Pressure Switch



M8/M12 Circular Connectors



One-Touch Fittings


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