CIM-TEK Filtration

Cim-Tek Filtration creates state-of-the-art filter solutions for consumers in many different markets. Dispenser filters, fuel dispenser filters, and general fuel filters are the main products the company manufactures and distributes. The industrial, heavy-duty, agricultural, biofuel, and petroleum markets are just a few markets served. Having produced products for these consumers for more than 50 years, the company has derived considerable knowledge and expertise in meeting consumers’ unique needs. Based on its principles of innovation and exceptional quality, the company continually creates new products and innovative solutions. Its products are distributed in the United States and internationally.

Cim-Tek launched in the late 1950s. Its first product was called the “Pre-Vent.” It was developed by an engineer named A. Richard Ayers. Based on the success of the Pre-Vent, consumer requests grew rapidly. The company was ultimately asked to develop more products, including more specialty products, for consumers in various markets. Shortly after the “Clean-Flow” filter was introduced. 

Today, the company’s fuel dispenser filter line is much broader. Solutions for petroleum, industrial, agricultural, and hydro-burn consumers are the company’s main focus. New products are continually researched, developed, and released. Private label products are available as well for those needing a custom solution. The brand’s original products are periodically updated, too. All the while, the company remains a family-owned and run establishment, based out of Illinois, that takes pride in building strong relationships with its consumers.

With high-quality dispenser filters designed to satisfy consumer demand in many markets, Cim-Tek has a reputation for producing dependable, innovative, and adaptable solutions. Its US-based manufacturing plant and timely delivery services give consumers products virtually on demand.

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