Lockwood Products are produced in the US and distributed to customers around the world. The modular hose is one of the company’s signature products. Over the years, however, the company’s product line has grown to include many more items such as mounts, shields, mirror products, ball adapters, nozzles, and magnetic components.

As with many manufacturing companies, Lockwood began on the basis of a problem that needed a solution. The problem they encountered was a lack of quality hose products on the market. Each one had its own unique shortcomings and weaknesses. Lockwood’s solution, however, was the Loc-Line. Inspiration for this line emerged from the modular hose. Lockwood products address fundamental problems like hoses that slipped out of position, weak metal positioning rods prone to breaking, and more.

Designs for the line were formulated in 1981, and by 1983 the company shipped its first products. A popular response and fast delivery prompted an increase in product demand. Encouraged by the success of its new Loc-Line System, the company soon branched off into other markets. Today, it makes acid-resistant products and vacuum solutions, including an anti-static vacuum system complete with valves, hoses, nozzles, and adapters. Couplings, ball adapters, mirror products, and magnetic products are other products in high demand as well. One of its recent innovations is the mirror kit.

Lockwood products are manufactured in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and distributed around the world. If you’re not sure what to get, the company’s online catalog, videos, and customer support team can offer assistance.

Loc-Line Products


Adapters (Acid)



Adapters (Ball)



Adapters (Threaded)



Adapters (Vacuum)



Hose Barb (Brass)



Magnetic (Products)



Mounts (Fixed)



Nozzles (HPT)



Nozzles (ProStream)



Plugs (Pipe)



Reducer (System)



Shields (PPE)


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