MaxPro Technologies Inc

For over 50 years, Maxpro has outfitted equipment with high-pressure valves, fittings and tubing, liquid pumps, and air amplifiers. The company’s products can be found in many sectors worldwide, including plastics, automotive, hydrostatic pressure testing, oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing. The company creates high-pressure systems and testing equipment, and it also makes threading and coning machines. For those who need to complete special projects or only need a short-term solution, the company supplies rental equipment as well. Along with its broad selection of high-quality and reliable products, the company also claims the fastest shipping speeds in the industry. A large inventory, friendly customer service, and same-day turnaround time are other features that make the company stand out.

About Maxpro

This company’s origins date back to 1995. Then, it was established primarily to serve the needs of its distributor company called Maximator. Maximator facilitates Maxpro’s product delivery and is responsible for its fast shipping speeds and exceptional customer service. Since Maxpro’s beginnings, its product lines and recognition have grown tremendously. Now, the company offers an ever-expanding line of products and works with a larger distribution network. With a 13,000 square foot manufacturing facility, it brings customers high-quality products and competitive prices. The company makes its products in the United States, but it has many distribution partners in Canada, too.

Industries Served

Gas pipelines, food processing equipment, pressure testing CO2 extraction, and waterjet cutting are some of the main industries that use Maxpro’s products. These industries rely on their traditional product lines, but more products are continually developed to meet changing consumer needs, too.

For years, Maxpro’s innovative products have supported industries worldwide. An exceptionally high standard of customer service, including custom orders, expert engineers, and fast turnaround times even for special orders, set the company apart.

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