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Shinn Fu America, or “SFA Corp,” designs, markets, and manufactures hydraulic lifting equipment for consumers worldwide. It also offers product service and repair. Since it first opened for business, the company has become a nationally and internationally recognized leader for hydraulic lift supplies. It attributes this success to a combination of exceptional customer service and product quality. Shinn Fu has offices in the United States and Canada that are on hand to quickly and conveniently serve customers in many locations.

A Company Timeline

Over the years, Shinn Fu America has explored many different avenues to get where it is today. The company originated in Kansas City, Missouri. From there, it opened a sporting goods branch in Seattle, Washington. Not long after, the two companies merged. By 1990, the company owned a larger manufacturing facility in Missouri. That facility, which covered more than 10,000 square feet, supported the company’s newest product line of hydraulic lift equipment. The company’s selection of hydraulic lifting equipment continued to grow over the next decade. In 2001, the company merged with SFA Corp, which increased its production and distribution capabilities even more. Within the next decade, it expanded its headquarters and, in turn, its customer base.

Product Lines

Today, consumers can find a variety of products made under the company’s name. While lift equipment is its main specialty, the company also makes power tools and components for the automotive industry. Combo kits, creepers, jack stands, air tanks, engine stands, ramps, arms, and mechanic supplies are other products. An attentive customer service team is available to answer questions from consumers who aren’t sure what to get.

For nearly 50 years, SFA has stood out as a leader for hydraulic lift equipment. Based in the US and Canada, it serves clients around the globe.

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