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Universal Seal offers considerable expertise in sealing technology. Based in Canada, it provides standard and specialized seal solutions to consumers around the world. Its innovative products are developed with a combination of comprehensive engineering knowledge, extensive research, and a commitment to bringing customers nothing but the best. Urethane seals and hydraulic seals are two of its primary product categories. It also creates a separate line of specially designed urethane components. Employing nine principle technologies to guide product development, Universal creates leading products to satisfy consumers’ diverse needs around the world. An experienced and dedicated team of technical specialists help bring product concepts to life.

Universal Seal’s Background

Universal Seal began in 1967. Since then, it has developed several unique and innovative products, including a patented centrifugal molding process. This process, the company says, distinguishes it from other manufacturers in the industry. The special process allows the company to create exceptionally high-quality molded seals for a range of hydraulic fluid seal applications. Along with its proprietary solutions, the company attributes its success to product guarantee, efficient and timely product delivery, quality assurance, and attention to detail. The company makes its products in Ontario, Canada, and distributes them internationally. It has customer support in Canada and the US.


Universal carries a broad selection of hydraulic fluid seals. These include piston uni-rings, static face seals, piston rings, glide rings, back-up washers, tubes, U-cups, O-rings, pipe seals, rod wipers, accumulating diaphragms, piston cups, and others. Some product lines are designed for niche industries, such as the Mining Seals line, which has several different mining-specific seal styles.

When a job calls for a sealing solution, Universal Seal is a good bet. With its customer service and industry knowledge, the Canadian company easily meets the professional needs of consumers across many industries.

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