ZSI Foster offers solutions for electrical contractors, pneumatic and hydraulic applications, and energy sources, including fracking, solar, oil, and gasoline. The company also offers solutions for HVAC and refrigeration clientele. ZSI’s industrial solutions cover a wide base. They include clamps, tube fittings, insulation saddles, and proprietary products like Cush-a-Clamp. New products are developed all the time to meet the changing needs of contractors, construction workers, and industrial workers in the modern age.

Industries Served

ZSI provides American-made products for various industries. This includes agriculture, mining, heavy equipment, car-washing and cleaning, construction, general contracting, energy, food, and transportation. Understanding that each industry requires unique solutions for success, ZSI specializes in making products to satisfy the diverse needs of its client base. The company’s products aren’t just limited to land, however. Its products are found in marine industries around the world. They are also used in the aerospace industry.


In order to serve its diverse client needs, ZSI Foster creates solution-oriented products. These include cushioned and insulated clamps, spring steel fasteners, cable supplies, Z-clamps, rooftop blocks, hydraulic clamps, anti-vibration pads, strut channels, strut fittings, blowguns, pneumatic hoses, and a variety of custom products to suit every client’s unique individual needs.


Some customers know exactly which products they want, but for others, the decision isn’t as clear. To help customers out, ZSI has a catalog on its website and plenty of resources, including product profiles and animated drawings, to help customers find and order the products they are looking for. Customers can also get instant quotes for the products they want.

Building on a tradition of making high-quality products to suit a variety of industrial and commercial needs, ZSI Foster is the answer to customers’ questions of where to go for a custom solution.

ZSI-Foster Website

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