AS9100 Certified Location

What does it mean to be AS9100 Certified?

AS9100 certification is a recognition that our company has met the stringent requirements set forth by the AS9100 standard, specific to the aerospace industry. This certification signifies that we have established and implemented an effective quality management system tailored to meet the unique demands and regulations of the aerospace sector. It encompasses various aspects, including risk management, configuration control, product realization, and supplier management.

By obtaining AS9100 certification, we have demonstrated our commitment to consistently delivering safe, reliable, and high-quality products and services in accordance with industry best practices. This achievement provides assurance to our customers that we adhere to the highest standards and have the necessary controls and processes in place to ensure excellence throughout our operations.



Thriving Aerospace Cluster:

Louisville boasts a thriving aerospace cluster, making it an epicenter of innovation in the industry. The city has a rich aviation history, with a legacy of groundbreaking achievements. This heritage brings together a diverse range of skilled professionals, specialized suppliers, and industry experts, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment that fuels progress.

Access to a Skilled Workforce:

One of the key factors in our decision was the availability of a highly skilled workforce in Louisville. The city is home to renowned educational institutions that offer specialized programs in aerospace-related fields. This ensures a talent pool of trained professionals who are well-equipped to contribute to our company's success.

Strategic Central Location:

Situated at the heart of the United States, Louisville offers unparalleled logistical advantages. Its central location provides easy access to major markets across the country and beyond. With efficient transportation infrastructure, including a prominent international airport, our company can seamlessly connect with suppliers, customers, and partners worldwide, streamlining our operations and facilitating timely deliveries.

Supportive Business Environment:

Louisville embraces and nurtures entrepreneurship, creating a supportive ecosystem for businesses to thrive. The city offers attractive tax incentives and business-friendly policies, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently and invest in growth opportunities. Additionally, a robust network of industry organizations and resources provides valuable support, guidance, and networking opportunities that can propel our company forward.

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A Fluid-ComplexAssy-VT


High-quality versatile metal tube and flexible hose combination assemblies designed for reliable performance in aerospace fuel, oil, and hydraulic applications
B SPD_HydraulicFuses_zm


Highly engineered valve installed within fluid conveyance systems to prevent the loss of reservoir fluid in the event of loss of system pressure.
C slide-lok_zm


Couplings from the Slide-Lok quick disconnect series are ideal selections when size, weight, performance, and reliability are critical in cooling, fuel, hydraulic, and pneumatic system applications across a variety of temperature and pressure ranges.
D SPD_high-pressure_swivelJoints_1000x1000_zm


Proven high-pressure fittings designed to provide torsional rotation for use in dynamic fluid or pneumatic aerospace conveyance systems, such as cargo doors and retractable landing gears.
E technologies_custom-seals-1

Custom Gaskets

Our expert team understands the unique challenges of aviation applications and designs gaskets tailored to meet the specific needs of jet planes. With precision engineering and high-quality materials, our custom gaskets ensure reliable sealing, optimal performance, and contribute to the overall safety, efficiency, and longevity of aircraft operations



Stratoflex | HOSE BUILDING

At MFCP, we specialize in providing exceptional Stratoflex capabilities to meet your specific needs. With our expertise in hose building, we are equipped to design and assemble high-quality hoses tailored to your requirements. Whether you need custom hoses for industrial applications, aerospace, or any other industry, our experienced team ensures precise construction and reliable performance. Additionally, our high volume production capabilities enable us to meet large-scale demands efficiently and deliver products on time. Count on MFCP to deliver top-notch Stratoflex solutions, combining craftsmanship, expertise, and prompt service to exceed your expectations

Parker Testing Equipment


We offer a range of advanced capabilities for hoses, including:

  • Hose Testing: Thorough testing ensures optimal performance and safety certifications.
  • ID Tagging and Capping System: Efficient identification and protection for your hoses.
  • Hose Cleaning: Services to maintain cleanliness and integrity.
  • Extensive Inventory: Substantial readily available hose stock to keep operations running smoothly.

Rely on our expertise and comprehensive solutions to enhance the reliability and efficiency of your hose operations.



Discover the power of precision and efficiency with our knife cutting tables designed for custom gaskets at MFCP:

  • Advanced Cutting Solutions: Our state-of-the-art knife cutting tables utilize cutting-edge technology and software, enabling precise and intricate gasket designs.
  • Tailor-Made Gaskets: Trust us to deliver high-quality gaskets that are custom-made to your exact specifications, ensuring optimal performance and sealing capabilities.
  • Speed and Accuracy: Experience exceptional speed and accuracy in gasket fabrication, thanks to our industry-leading knife cutting tables.

Elevate your gasket production process and achieve superior results with our innovative knife cutting tables.


Seals & Gaskets | VULCANIZATION

With our advanced equipment and expertise, we provide precise Vulcanization services to ensure optimal bonding, durability, and performance of seals and gaskets. Trust us to deliver customized solutions that meet your specific requirements, utilizing high-quality materials and industry best practices. Experience the benefits of our Vulcanization process, which enhances the integrity and longevity of seals and gaskets, ensuring reliable sealing performance in diverse applications.


Seals & Gaskets | LAMINATION

Discover the power of seal and gasket lamination at MFCP. Our advanced lamination process combines multiple layers of high-quality materials, resulting in seals and gaskets with unmatched performance. With precise techniques and customization options, we deliver durable solutions that excel in sealing effectiveness and withstand demanding operating conditions. Trust us for reliable and resilient laminated seals and gaskets, tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Broad Access to Premium Materials

  • Extensive Material Selection: MFCP's Aerospace Facility offers an extensive selection of high-quality materials from industry-leading brands, including Parker Chomerics, Specialty Silicone Products, Schlegel, 3M, Henkel/Bergquist, American Rubber Products, Fujipoly, and Laird.
  • Diverse Solutions for Your Needs: With broad access to premium materials, our Aerospace Facility provides unmatched solutions to meet your diverse requirements. Whether you need advanced shielding materials, specialized silicone products, sealing solutions, adhesive technologies, or thermal management solutions, we have the expertise to fulfill your needs.
Aerospace Systems and Technologies
  • Accumulators
  • Caps
  • Controllers
  • Convoluted Tubing
  • Cold Plates
  • Coolers
  • Couplings
  • Custom Gaskets
  • Cylinders and Actuators
  • Electronic Controllers
  • Enclosures
  • Filters
  • Fittings and Couplings
  • Fuel Nozzles
  • Gauges
  • Heat Shrink
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Hydraulic Servoactuators
  • Inerting Equipment
  • Inerting Filters
  • Integrated Structures
  • Linear Actuators
  • Mil-Spec O-Rings
  • Motor Drives, Controllers, and Software
  • Oil Filters
  • Pneumatic Actuators
  • Pumps
  • Regulators, Monitors, Sensors and Flow Control
  • Reservoirs and Accumulators
  • Seals
  • Sensors
  • Software
  • Swivel Joints
  • Tanks and Reservoirs
  • Thermal Management
  • Tube Assemblies
  • Valves


The Stratoflex Products Division of Parker Aerospace offers a broad array of PTFE, rubber and metal hose and hose assemblies, hose fittings, rigid tube assemblies, couplings, quick disconnects, swivel joints, fuel break-away valves, hydraulic fuses, and flow regulators, and specialty fittings including permanently swaged and welded fittings suitable for virtually any aerospace application.

  • Dynatube Fittings
  • PTFE Hose
  • Rubber and metal hose and hose assemblies
  • Hose Fittings
  • Rigid tube assemblies
  • Couplings, quick disconnects, frangible couplings, and swivel joints
  • Fuel breakaway valves, hydraulic fuses
  • Flow regulators
  • Tube fittings and associated swage tooling

Seals & Gaskets

Our seals and gasket division at MFCP is dedicated to providing industry-leading sealing solutions. With a focus on precision engineering and high-quality materials, we deliver reliable and durable seals and gaskets for a wide range of applications. From custom designs to standard options, our division is committed to meeting the sealing needs of our customers with excellence.

  • Materials
    • EMI Shielding Materials
    • Thermal Management
    • Vulcanized Elastomers
  • Conversions
    • Gasket Cutting
    • Lamination
    • Custom Gaskets
  • Certified Commercial Products
    • Mil-Spec O-Rings
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MFCP | Aerospace and Defense

Offering a wide range of high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic components, hoses, fittings, valves, and instrumentation our products are designed to withstand the demanding environments of aviation and aerospace applications, ensuring reliable performance and safety. MFCP's expertise and commitment to innovation make us a trusted provider of efficient and optimized fluid and motion control systems in these sectors.

  • AVIATION - Atmospheric Flight
    • Flight Management Systems
    • Radar Systems
    • Autopilots
    • Navigation Displays
    • Communication Equipment
  • AEROSPACE - Flight Beyond the Atmosphere
    • Control Surfaces and Ailerons
    • Thermal Protection Solutions
    • Life Support Solutions
    • Weather monitoring Solutions
    • Electronics
    • Tablets
    • Radios