Brewery Hose and Washdown Hose

Posted by Vince Lockwood on Thu, Jun 30, 2016 @ 04:35 PM
Vince Lockwood

Brewery Hose

With the recent explosion in demand for craft beer has come an equal explosion in demand for the equipment that helps produce it. Parker is doing its part in the craft beer revolution by providing the SS200 Series Brewers Discharge Hose.



The SS200 Series Brewers Discharge Hose is completely safe to use on applications such as beer, wine, potable water, and more. The brewery hose is manufactured using polished stainless steel mandrels to ensure an ultra-smooth tube that will not impart taste or odor, and is resistant to any potential bacteria or microbes. The EPDM cover of the brewery hose is resistant to abrasion, mild chemicals, and ozone. You can rest assured that Parker’s brewery hose is safe for brewing as it complies with the following industry standards: FDA, USDA, PMO, and 3-A. On top of complying with all of the necessary brewing standards, it is also made in the USA.


Washdown Hose

Anyone who has ever brewed knows the importance of keeping a clean brewery. The time-consuming task of maintaining a sanitary environment for brewing is made easier with the use of hot water. Removing the sticky mess that that results from the brewing process is one such application hot water can be extremely useful. Parker is happy to provide a solution with the Parker Series 7080 Washdown Hose.


The Parker Seriers 7080 Washdown Hose is suited to handle hot water and mild chemicals for cleaning and washdown applications. The construction of the hose incorporates a flexible, abrasion resistant, non-marking cover that resists heat and ozone. It is rated to temperatures as high as 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and can help keep your brewery sanitary for years to come.


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Posted by Vince Lockwood

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