Lesser-Known Facts About Parker Gold Cup Heavy-Duty Hydrostatic Piston Pumps and Motors

Posted by Marek Bobik on Tue, Aug 10, 2021 @ 02:27 PM
Marek Bobik

Source: Parker Hannifin Hydraulics Team

You know Gold Cup Heavy-Duty Pumps and Motors as a gold standard in the industry for technical excellence in hydrostatic transmission applications in marine, drilling, and shredding applications, among others.

You probably also know that the tried-and-true design incorporates features such as, integral servo and replenishing pump, a hot oil shuttle, and a unique servo control system; all of which combine to provide a rugged self-contained package that can withstand the harshest of conditions and continue to perform with trouble-free long life.

But here are six lesser-known features and benefits of Gold Cup's, heavy-duty hydrostatic piston pumps and motors:

  1. Precise, tight control only results in a 4-5% change in control between motoring and pumping, versus the typical competitor product change of 10%.
  2. Displacement control response can ramp up from 0 to 695 hp in 300 ms.
  3. Automated brake and bypass control provides smoother stop and start transitions, reducing the operator burden.
  4. Pressure compensator response reduces heat and results in an 80% reduction in system shock.
  5. 70% longer life than a typical hydrostatic pump. Since Gold Cup's inception over 50 years ago, these first-generation pumps and motors are still in use.
  6. Numerous certifications and qualifications ranging from military-grade to ATEX.

Source: New Facts about Heavy-Duty Hydrostatic Pumps and Motors (parker.com)



Source: Parker Hannifin Hydraulics Team


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