This week, Parker’s Hose Products Division announced new cut-off saws replacing the old workhorse units.

Effective immediately, the 239 and 339 hose cut-off machines are no longer available. Use the new 86C-220V to replace the 239 and 86C-220V3 to replace 339 machines.

These two new, versatile cut-off saws are ideal for workshop and production environments, and the Parker Advanced Scallop Blade is standard on both machines. The Scallop Blade allows for cleaner and safer cuts than a straight blade, and cutting produces only minimal smoke. There is also a shop vac port to provide a better operator experience.


Both hose cut-off saws are virtually the same. The only difference is that the 86C-220V comes with a single-phase 220V motor, and the 86C-220V3 comes with a three-phase 220V motor.

  • Perfect for workshop or production use
  • Cuts up to 2” diameter hoses, including 6-wire reinforced hoses
  • Cuts hoses with less friction and no heat
  • Produces only a negligible amount of smoke
    attach a vacuum to the 2” port for use in closed environments
  • Dimensions: 27” wide, 16.5” long, 24” high with the handle at the highest position
  • Shipping Weight: 108 lbs
  • Machine with a Single-Phase, 220V Motor Part number: 86C-220V
  • Machine with a Three-Phase, 220V Motor Part number: 86C-220V3
  • Replacement Scallop Blade Part Number: HYD10X125X40
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