Most people associate the term "thermal management" with heat dissipation in electronic applications, but the concept is not limited to electronics. 

By definition, thermal management (also referred to as temperature control or temperature management) is the use of various temperature monitoring devices, insulation, and cooling methods, to control the overall temperature of components or environments. 

When it comes to heavy equipment, thermal management optimizes heating and cooling systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The benefits include decreased

 emissions and fuel consumption. It often involves improvements to cabin insulation, window systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems—to increase fuel economy while maintaining passenger comfort.

Join Parker and Mining Magazine on Tuesday, March 29th at 11 am EDT (4 pm GMT) for the webinar, "From Increased Productivity to Reduced total cost of ownership: Thermal Management for the Next Generation of Mining Equipment Shouldn’t Be Ignored."  Register to attend live or to watch on-demand!

Parker Thermal Management for Mining Equipment


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