The supply chain issues continue to cause delayed product deliveries and the availability of raw materials. Recently, Paker’s Gas Separation & Filtration Europe Division (GSFE) lost its ability to procure materials used to manufacture some unique components of the PME Series mist eliminators and MIST-XL elements.

Following the effort to develop alternative manufacturing and testing solutions, GSFE announced that the production of the PME mist eliminators or MIST-XL elements is terminated effective immediately.

Customers relied on the PME series mist eliminators for many years, so the GSFE is developing a new series of mist eliminators to match PME’s quality and long element life. The division expects that the new series will be available in the first quarter of 2022. However, we can ask Parker for quotes today, so please contact us with questions.

Please refer to the cross-reference table below for a new part number.


PME Series
Part Number
Part Number
PME125 K125MXL
PME250 K250MXL
PME500 K500MXL
PME1000 K1000MXL
PME1200 K1200MXL
PME1500 K1500MXL
PME2000 K2000MXL
PME3000 K3000MXL
PME4500 K4500MXL
PME6000 K6000MXL
PME8000 K8000MXL
PME10000 K10000MXL
PME12000 K12000MXL


You can download the PME series catalog and the installation manual below
PME Catalog
PME Installation Manual


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