Recently, Parker made several product changes and obsoletions ..

Parker Crimp Fittings & Hose Changes

Parker’s Hose Division recently announced several product changes. If you are using any of the Parker products below, please read on:

  • 20, 21, 30, 43, & 77 Series Crimp Fittings
  • 285 Series Hose

Parker 77 Series Crimp Fittings Upcoming Dimensional Changes

The change will only affect 77 series elbow configurations and will generally result in a shorter cut-off length. Additionally, some flange jump-size elbows will have a longer drop length. Expected changes for each size are below:

  • Size -24 – December 2022
  • Size -32 – February 2023

We expect additional notifications and catalog updates from Parker as the date of each change approaches.

Download the spreadsheet listing the dimensional changes for the -24 and -32 sizes and for sizes -16 and -20 implemented in 2021.

Parker 20, 21, & 30 Series Crimp Fittings Changing to Monoblock Construction

Effective December 1, 2022, Parker’s Hose Product Division will change the above series crip fittings to monoblock construction. As you probably know, monoblock fittings are machined as a complete part and eliminate all braze points. The monoblock manufacturing method eliminates all potential leak paths due to imperfect brazing.

The new fittings will have some dimensional changes. In addition, several monoblock fittings also require a change from slip-on nut to crimp nut design. These changes are noted in the table of Dimensional Changes for Parker 20, 21 & 30 Series Monoblock Crimp Fittings.

Three Parker 43 Series Crimp Fittings Changing to Monoblock Construction

The Following Parts will change:

  • 1J743-24-24
  • 1J743-24-24-SM
  • 1J743-24-24-ZJ

Parker announced that the switch to monoblock construction of the above parts will be a running change and will begin immediately.

The new monoblock fittings incorporate a change to the collar of the fitting. As illustrated below, the new fitting will have a round collar design instead of a hex.



Download the spreadsheet to see the dimensional changes

Running Change to Parker 285 Series Hose

Parker has reconfigured the manufacturing process of their 285 series hose to eliminate bottlenecks that have delayed shipments in the past. They tested the new construction style to the applicable standards to ensure that the new 285 hose meets or exceeds all requirements. There is no visible change to the appearance except for the new layline (see below).

However, the sizes -8 and -12 now require using the black die ring for crimping 26 series fittings


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