Motion & Flow Control Products has entered the conversation for top global industrial distributors, ranking at No. 38 as a newcomer in The 2022 Industrial Distribution Big 50 countdown.

The list recognizes the U.S. industrial market’s 50 largest global distributors based on their 2021 reported revenue, highlighting the resilience of top distributors in a tumultuous mid-pandemic business environment.

Beating the Odds in 2021

2021 saw major difficulties in industrial distribution, as the early pandemic shutdowns resulted in repressed demand, inflationary strain, and supply chain disruptions on an international level. Nonetheless, MFCP and our 49 companions capitalized on existing strengths to thrive under turbulent business conditions.

Although MFCP has technically qualified for The Industrial Distribution Big 50 for about five years, this is the first year we’ve applied for the list— we’re honored to join the company of such resilient companies in receiving the No. 38 ranking.

About Motion & Flow Control Products

As mentioned in the video countdown, MFCP has been in operation for more than 60 years, specializing in solving problems in hydraulics and pneumatics— we always tell our customers that our job is to make your job easy.

Although we’ve built our reputation as service-focused industrial fluid power, motion and process control distributors, we’ve since evolved into a hydraulic system engineering, design and manufacturing company.

In short, if your system has anything to do with hydraulics, pneumatics, or process control, we have experts available to help with design, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Explore MFCP

Whatever your needs, we have both the expertise and resources available to streamline operations in your business. We’ll act as a trusted partner to find innovative solutions to any challenges you might face now and in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to shop our products, explore our services, or contact us with any questions you might have regarding MFCP.


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