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High Pressure Stainless Steel Fittings for Extreme Temperatures

Thu, Jan 31, 2019 @ 02:08 PM / by Vince Lockwood posted in technical


Posted by Vincent Lockwood 

Corrosive environments and extreme temperatures, high or low, present challenges for everyday fittings, especially in high-pressure applications. JIC fittings in larger sizes do not provide an adequate pressure rating, and O-rings in ORFS connections are susceptible to erosion. Extreme environments require extreme solutions.  

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Cylinder Identification | Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

Tue, Oct 04, 2016 @ 12:03 PM / by Vince Lockwood posted in technical


A cylinder attached to your equipment has broken down and needs to be repaired or replaced. Before you can get it fixed, however, you will need to identify the type of cylinder that you have. If you’re lucky, you will be able to find a part number and other OEM information located somewhere on the cylinder body. From there, a Google search will most likely lead you to a distributor who can sell you a replacement, or at least parts to fix the broken cylinder.

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Brake Line | Fitting Identification How-to

Fri, Mar 30, 2012 @ 04:43 PM / by Vince Lockwood posted in maintenance, technical, automotive


When replacing your brake lines, the replacement brake hose assembly does not need to look exactly the same as the original brake line, but make sure that the brake lines (especially the new brake hose fittings) will fit the surrounding area where they will be installed. Sometimes the brake hose fitting can interfere with another part of your brakes. Pay attention to any tight spots when removing your brake lines and communicate any restrictions to the vendor who will be fabricating your replacement brake lines.

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