7 Most Common Crimping Mistakes

Posted by Vince Lockwood on Tue, Dec 06, 2011 @ 10:18 AM
Vince Lockwood

7 Most Common Crimping Mistakes

Crimping Mistake - Fitting too Big

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. has compiled a list of the 7 most common crimping mistakes we see customers make.


Are YOU guilty of any?


How good are YOUR crimping skills?


Check out the list and FIND OUT!


Scroll down to see the #1 hose crimping mistake!



 Using the wrong crimper

Trying to use a crimper that has insufficient pressure to crimp a particular hose or fitting.




 Not lining up the hose correctly in the crimp die

Parker’s PARKALIGNTM feature helps prevent this mistake.




 Using the wrong crimp die

Using a crimp die that is the wrong size or meant for a different series fitting.

Custom bin labels with the correct crimp die could prevent this mistake.





Disengaging the cylinder before it bottoms out and fully comes into contact with the die ring.





 Using the wrong die ring

Don't assume, check the specs.




 Using the wrong fitting

Accidentally grabbing the wrong series fitting.

Using a fitting that is not compatible with the hose you’re crimping.





 Not pushing the fitting onto the hose far enough before crimping

Wrong hose insertion depth.





Disagree? Have another common crimping mistake to add?

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