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Posted by Marek Bobik on Wed, Aug 14, 2013 @ 12:25 PM
Marek Bobik

The Technology

Parker Tracking System Logo The new Parker Tracking System (PTS) makes it fast and easy to replace hose assemblies previously purchased at any participating ParkerStore location.  The PTS is designed to help reduce downtime by increasing the speed, timing, and accuracy of replacing customers’ hose assemblies. This can provide critical machine uptime, and enable a more conveniently scheduled repair.

A PTS tag generates a unique identification code for each hose assembly, which is printed on a durable barcode or RFID label (optional). When you choose to add a PTS tag to your hose assembly, we enter all the information necessary to reproduce your hose assembly into the PTS database. We can also include, if you like, additional information which helps you spec out a replacement hose assembly in the future - such as your own part number, your own P.O., etc. We can work with you to tailor your PTS labels to your organization.

PTS labels are engineered to withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, UV exposure, and other challenging conditions to ensure you’ll be able to read them when the time comes. PTS provides fast and accurate product identification regardless of where the original assembly was made. PTS can be used at distributor locations, as well as OE manufacturing operations.

A Quick Recap of How to Replace a Hose Assembly – Old vs. New:

    Call your local ParkerStore with PTS Tag ID 5 min
Remove the old hose assembly from the equipment & install the new one. 60 min Drive to ParkerStore to pick up new hose assembly. 
You do not need to have the old hose assembly with you. If the old assembly is still working, it can remain on your equipment until the replacement arrives - less downtime.
OR, have your new assembly shipped to you!
60 min
Drive to and from ParkerStore. 60 min Remove the old hose assembly from the equipment & install the new one. 60 min
ParkerStore Staff identifies the hose assembly and locates parts needed to fabricate a new one. 10 min No ID needed - ParkerStore personnel obtains the information needed from Parker's PTS database before you drive to the shop. -
In case not all parts are in stock, second trip may be needed. 60 min No second trip needed, if anything needs to be ordered, you will find out during your initial call - and can postpone the trip. -
Watch and wait while your hose assembly is made. 20 min No waiting - the hose assembly is fabricated before you get to the store -
Time Required values are estimates. Plug in your own times to get time savings more accurate for your own company.

Benefits of Parker Tracking System

Remove your old hose assembly when it’s convenient for you.

Get the ball rolling on your new hose assembly right away by calling in the PTS  identification number and having the new hose assembly started on immediately.

Avoid making unnecessary trips.

By calling ahead, you’ll know for sure if your hose assembly can be made the same day, or if you should wait and come in at a later date. This saves you time, gas money, and frustration!

Get in and out fast!

Save time. Don’t wait to have your hose assembly components identified, or for it to be assembled. If you call ahead your hose assembly will be ready when you arrive, saving you valuable time.

Hose assembly with PTS tag


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