MFCP brings hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, and process control parts and systems from leading manufacturers like Parker Hannifin to the Modesto market.

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. (MFCP) has served customers in the western states for over six decades. Today, we operate dozens of local ParkerStores and regional manufacturing centers and partner with over 180 vendors to design the best solutions for your applications.


Come on in and get your hose assemblies made while you wait!

Modesto ParkerStore Map - Click for Directions

ParkerStores are your local source of Parker hydraulic and pneumatic products. ParkerStores have been offering customers a retail environment to purchase hydraulic and pneumatic products since 1993. At MFCP, we take the concept a little further. We offer products from every Division of Parker, and we complement the Parker line with products from other manufacturers to provide a full breadth of products for systems that create motion and flow.

Your Modesto ParkerStore Team

The Modesto ParkerStore opened under the leadership of Mark Scriven. Mark has been with MFCP for many years and has experience working in a ParkerStore and managing sales territories, making him a perfect choice for his Branch Manager position. He has been solving customers' challenges for 11 years. 

Dusten brings 7 years of customer service experience, the last three years in the hydraulic industry. His customers are his family, so he works hard to make sure that he provides them with the best solutions to their challenges. "My job is making sure that all my customers walk away satisfied. Relationships with my customers and the feeling that they know I have their back is what gets me out of the bed in the morning." Dusten's attitude of gratitude is what makes him a great ParkerStore manager.

Gary has over three decades of experience with hydraulics, and he ran his own hydraulic repair business for 17 years. He knows what it takes to troubleshoot, repair and test hydraulic systems and components - and how to do it right the first time. With Gary's help, you can count on us for the quality repair of all major brands, including high-pressure hydraulics.

Dan is our Territory Sales Manager, serving the Modesto area. He has been working in the hydraulic industry for 25 years, and he too has hydraulics repair experience. He worked on both open and closed-loop hydraulic systems and components, so you can bet he understands how your system works. Dan's passion is finding solutions to tough problems, and fostering relationships built on trust and respect.

MFCP Services

Our Modesto ParkerStore, like our other ParkerStores, specializes in providing hydraulic connectors and related parts in a retail environment. In addition, we are your first point of contact for many services offered through our other stores and facilities. We invest in state-of-the-art equipment, but even more importantly, we invest in our employees, so our people are the best experts in the industry. That is how we ensure that we can help you solve any challenge.


Hose Assemblies While You Wait

Our ParkerStores have parts on hand to fabricate replacement hydraulic and pneumatic hose assemblies on the spot.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Heavy users of our products benefit from our VMI program. Let our specialists visit your place of business, take inventory of your parts, and suggest a list of parts to purchase based on your usage. 

If you crimp your own hose assemblies, take advantage of our crimper lease program. We provide the equipment and training for your use, as long as you need it to fabricate hose assemblies.
(A minimum annual purchase level is required.)

Kitting Services Hose


Hose Assembly Kitting

We can kit your hose assemblies and/or other components per your requirements.



OEM Sub-Assemblies

We can pre-assemble hydraulic and pneumatic valves and other components to make your own assembly process more efficient. 


MFCP Systems

Unique Solutions to Industry Problems

If you have read this far, we hope you feel confident that we have the chops to do the job for you, but visit our Modesto ParkerStore soon so we can prove it to you.

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