Parker 100R7 Thermoplastic Hose Rationalization

Holiday Wishes - 2020

MFCP Acquires Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc. (COMOSO)

Use Parker Tracking System Tags to Help Your Social Distancing

Our Bay Area, California Stores are Operated by Skeleton Crews Through April 7th

Top 8 Reasons BVA Hydraulics are Awesome

Quicker, Cleaner, Safer Oil Change for Heavy Equipment, Truck & Bus Fleets

OSHA Is Considering Changes to their Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard, Seeks Input

Comparison of Alternative Actuating Systems: Electromechanical vs. Hydraulic vs. Hybrid

Save Your Workers' Lungs & OSHA's Staggering Penalties for Violations of Crystalline Silica Rules

High Pressure Stainless Steel Fittings for Extreme Temperatures

If you Use Parker Hydraulic Hoses, Read This

Making and re-making flange connections? Use FlangeLock™ to stop the oily mess

Renters of Hydraulic Equipment May Be Exposed to Injuries from Worn-Out Hydraulic Hoses

Oil Change In Under 30 Minutes with the Parker QuickFit System

Hose Product Simplification - GlobalCore Replaces Legacy Hydraulic Hose Series

The Mechanic's Secret Weapon: Free-All Loosens Rusted Nuts & Bolts

Finally - An Industrial Hand Cleaner That Won't Destroy Your Hands

Avoid Safety Violations | Comply with OSHA's New Rule for Silica Exposure

Which is the Best Way to Protect Hydraulic Hoses Against Abrasion?

New: Parker's EO-3® Flareless Fitting Visually Confirms Completed Tube Assembly

New OSHA Regulations Regarding Occupational Exposure to RCS

Parker P1D Cylinders Improve Pneumatic System Safety [During Power Outage]

Parker 301LT & 772LT Hoses Discontinued [Use 472LT & 772LT Instead]

Parker is Upgrading Seven Hoses to Meet MSHA IC-40/41

NEW: Seals for High Temperature Applications

Parker 77 Series Crimp Fittings Now Available in Stainless Steel & Dimensional Change in Elbow Configurations

Converting Parker Legacy 2H/3H Hydraulic Cylinders to Gen II Cylinders

Reducing Compressed Air Consumption in Blow Applications

How to Easily Connect to a Digital Plant

Cylinder Identification | Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

Parker's Parflex Division is Consolidating Fittings

Parker's SensoNODE Line of Wireless Sensors Expanded

Kyle Larson’s Outlaw Kart Showcase Returns to Cycleland Speedway

Sanitized Treatment Helping Control Microbial Growth in Food & Beverage Applications

Brewery Hose and Washdown Hose

Protection from High Pressure Hose Assembly Failure

Choosing Between Hose and Tube Assembly for Hydraulic Systems

Hammer Union Hose Connections for the Oil, Gas and Cement Industry

Parker’s Parflex Division Announces Material Changes Involving Three Products

Fabricating Electrically Conductive Industrial Hose Assemblies

Parker Upping the Ante on Tube Fitting & Adapter Corrosion Resistance

Inventory Reduction of Bulk Hydraulic Hose with Parker GlobalCore

Remote System Monitoring | Parker SensoNODE

Choosing the Right Filters for Your Compressed Air System

Industrial Hose Assembly Fabrication - The Danger of Mixing Manufacturers

Small Oil Spill Can Cost More than You Think | Oil Spill Supplies

Prevent Equipment Failures with Parker SensoNODE™ Wireless Sensors

Parker 5CNG Hose on Display at ACTEXPO 2015

Replacement Options for Parker FC701 & FC702 Flow Controls

Hydraulic Hose Layline - Know What it Means and Use It!

Parker Parflex 56 Series Fittings Replacing 55 and 58 Series Fittings

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. San Leandro ParkerStore is Moving in May 2014

Color-Coded Covers for Parker ServiceJunior Meters

Don't Kill Your Pneumatic System with Bad Air!

New! High Pressure Hose Assembly Blow Out Protection

Need to Route a Hose in a Tight Space? Take the E-Z Route!

Three Early Warnings of Hydraulic System Troubles

What Type of Pipe Should I Use for My Air Compressor?

Uptime is Everything | Track Your Hose Assemblies - Save Time

The Resilience of a Tube – The Flexibility of a Hose

FLEXIBLE METAL HOSES | Resilient & Flexible

Parker 5-Year Warranty

Electrical Properties of Rubber Hose

Parker Transair Piping Systems – LEED Certified!

LEED Certification Benefits

What Is Causing Your Hydraulic System to Leak?

Parker PrestoWeld Fittings Replaced by Prestolok PLM Fittings

Disorganized Shops Cost Thousands | Organize & Save

Parker Pneumatic Product Changes | January 2013

P1Q Compact Air Cylinder Extrusion Change

Parker Global Connect Pneumatic Fittings Line Replaced by PLP

Snap-tite Acquired by Parker

Parker HY Series - 2012 Change

Gambling with Industrial Hose Safety

NEW: Parker FET Series High-Pressure Non-Spill Couplers

Reduce Inventory Needs with Parker 722TC Series Hose

Changes to Parker Push-to-Connect Fittings Line – Summary

Hose Assembly Length - Get It Right

Nitrile O-Ring Replacement for ORFS Fittings

Hydraulic Injection Injury – Be Prepared

Parker/Dayco Legacy Protective Hose Sleeve Discontinued

Genuine Parker Parts Program | 3-Year Leak Free Warranty

Changes - Parker Prestolok Push-to-Connect Fittings

Thread Identification for Brake Lines

Brake Line | Fitting Identification How-to

Hose Reinforcement Matters

New crimp specs for Parker HY series fittings, sizes 3/8” and 1/2”

ISO 18752 Constant Pressure Hoses

Parker Catalog 4400 Correction | Parker hose 611HT Specifications

7 Most Common Crimping Mistakes

Pneumatic Maintenance Solutions for Industrial Food Plants

NEW - Color Bin Labels from Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc.

Parker Crimp Die Selection Tips

Scheduled hydraulic hose replacement saves time and money

Crimping your Parker hose assembly is easy

Busted power steering hose? Save money - salvage your hose ends!

Learn about saving money by repairing your automotive hoses

Join MFCP team as a ParkerStore Associate

Parker modular crimpers - choose portable or bench mount setup

Pneumatic systems - how to save money

Why Pneumatic Cylinders Fail - and What to Do About It

Get brake hose advice on The CarBuyer Advisor Show 8/27 at 10:00 a.m.

Learn about brake hoses on The CarBuyer Advisor talk show August 27th

Hiring now - Administrative Assistant | MFCP

Marketing Associate job opening - MFCP

Preventive maintenance recommendations for Parker crimpers

Parker D.O.T. Fittings: Compression vs. Push-to-Connect

Selecting a Parker D.O.T. Approved Push-to-Connect Air Brake Fitting

Choosing Compression Transportation Tube & Hose Fittings

Parker Hose Crimper Selection Guide – one is right for you!

Product release: Parker P1Q Compact Cylinder

MFCP proud to participate in the Farm and Tractor Days

Visit us at Rio Linda's Farm and Tractor Days

Save Money on Electricity by Installing Parker Regulators

Save Money & Energy by Installing Parker Filters

Hydraulic Hose Solutions for Airport Ground Support Equipment

NEW: Parker Series RDH Heavy Duty Hydraulic Roundline Cylinder

Job openings in Marketing and Sales | MFCP

Matching the hose assembly to the media: Biodiesel

Parker SCP01 Pressure Sensor Released

Parker releases Dual Seal Flange Adapter

MFCP Fremont ParkerStore is moving in December!

Learn requirements of D.O.T. approved air brake hoses

Hydraulic Fitting Selection – Differences Among Attachment Styles

Improving safety of hydraulic systems by using hose restraints

How to choose the correct pneumatic fitting

Choosing between rubber, metal and metal flex hose assemblies

Parker Tracking System at Work

Parker hose layline - wealth of information

Selecting the right digital meter

Reduce number of hose types on your boat with Parker's SW569 hose

Keep your hydraulic system healthy - choose the right diagnostic tool


Hose Fabrication Installation Tips

Parker introduces SAE aluminum tube fittings

Fix your own power steering lines

Hose assembly installation tips

Consider the hidden cost of hydraulic hoses

Know When to Replace Your Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

True Story About a Hydraulic Oil Injection Injury

Danger of Hydraulic Oil Injection Injuries

Hydraulic System Safety Hints

Eliminate ORFS fittings' leaks with Parker Trap-Seal

Automotive brake lines now available in Our San Leandro ParkerStore

Parker screen fittings protect your system's critical components

Learn to identify threads

Parker HY series hose fittings switching to Monoblok™ design

Tube fittings corrosion resistance test

GM trucks’ rusting brake lines investigated by NHTSA

Keeping dirt out of your Parker cylinders

Parker Seal-Lok assembly instructions - new page added to our website

Protect your hose assemblies with Partek Wrap and save money

Checking your brake lines for wear and tear

Eliminate costly hydraulic leaks - Use Parker Seal-Lok™ fittings

Motion & Flow Control Products, Inc. has a new focus on its website

Cost of hydraulic leaks: drops add up!